Valuatic offers all of the most important features of EOSCE and many more!


Powerful checklists

Checklists, now called forms, have been entirely reworked. It is possible to freely arrange sections, questions, descriptive texts and page breaks. Compared to EOSCE, which only supported the single select question type, you can now create free text, multi and single select questions and make them mandatory or optional. Additionally, the value of an answer can change the visibility or optionality of another answer element within the same question (for example: show a free text if a very specific option is selected).


More flexibility

Contrary to EOSCE, Valuatic is not limited to a very strict exam type. With time, it turned out the OSCE scheduler was not as valuable as expected and even became rather difficult to work with, especially when last minutes changes were needed. This is why Valuatic does not enforce any schedule at all. The order of candidates does not play any role. An assessment is created by scanning QR codes, this defines which candidate is assessed by which examiner using which form. There is no more possibility for an examiner to assess the wrong candidate. This gives you the possibility to run a wide range of exam types!


One-Click Distribution

We have also completely rethought how an exam is distributed to devices. With EOSCE, adding an exam on every tablet is quite a hassle. In Valuatic, you can send (or remove) an exam to every tablet with a single click. The only action required on the tablet is to open the app so that it can fetch the exam from the server. And of course, it is still possible to run an exam without the need of a server!


Server Support

Keeping data in-house while running an online exam has been simplified thanks to the support of Webdav in addition to Amazon S3.


Detailed Observation

The observation in Valuatic Studio gives you a more detailed insight on the running exam—such as which candidate is currently being assessed and with which form; how many points each candidate achieved; etc.


Customizable PDF

Valuatic gives you the possibility to customize the header and footer of any generated PDF as well as adding your logo.


Windows App

Valuatic Studio, the equivalent of OSCE-Editor, runs on Windows exclusively. Valuatic Touch, the equivalent of OSCE-Eval, still runs on iPadOS.


Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann Head of ASCII Department

+41 31 684 62 06
philippe.zimmermann (at)