Clinical decision making (also referred to as clincial reasoning) is a skill that healthcare students must learn during their studies and then further develop in clinical practice. This process involves the use of clinical knowledge to gather and integrate information from various sources to ultimately lead to a diagnosis and a management plan for patients.


  • design, develop, evaluate and disseminate a curriculum for clinical decision-making
  • develop a train-the-trainer course for lecturers.
  • Optimal learning should be achieved through a combination of online and classroom teaching. In order to facilitate the dissemination and use of the new curriculum, it can be adapted to existing curricula, which should make it easier for both curriculum planners and lecturers to gradually integrate it. 


Co-financed by the EU

Project Team

Project team IML:
Sören Huwendiek & Felicitas Wagner

Project coordinator: University of Augsburg, Project manager: PD, Dr. med. Inga Hege.

Project partners:

  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow:
    Andrzej A. Kononowicz, PhD; Małgorzata Sudacka, MD; Magdalena Szopa, PhD
  • University of Bern:
    Sören Huwendiek, Assoc. prof., MD, PhD, MME; Felicitas Wagner, PhD; Isabelle Steiner, MD
  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor in Slovenia:
    Monika Sobocan, MD, Prof. Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, MD, Prof. Sebastjan Bevc, MD, PhD; Prof. Breda
    Pecovnik Balon, MD, PhD; Prof. Breda Pecovnik Balon, MD, PhD
  • Instruct (
    Martin Adler is CEO; Carina Pfeifer
  • Örebro University:
    Associate profs: Samuel Edelbring; Kristin Ewins; Wiegleb Edström; Elisabet Welin, Prof.
  • Digital Education Holdings Ltd., Malta:
    Nils Thiessen, MD; Jasmin Düsterhöft, MD; Federico Arevalo, MD

Project information

Running time: 2020 - 2023