The platform offers a wide range of features and advantages that make it an ideal solution for educators, administrators, and students alike.


Development of an application suite to support the entire assessment cycle of written examinations.

Ordering Customer

Medical Faculty, University of Bern
Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
Institute for Medical Education

Team IML

Radan Antic, Andreas Beschorner, Raphael Breukel, Neil Docherty, Florian Goll, Jana Henschel, Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Rabea Krings, Roger Meier, Vladimir Pavlyukov, Lukas Rieder, Stephan Schallenberger, Tina Schurter, Priska Steiger, Daniel Stricker, Philippe Zimmermann

Target group

Educational institutions and organisations that create, administer, take or analyse exams: students, teaching and administrative staff of Higher Education Institutions

Project information

Running time: since 2017


Examic Measured

Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann Head of ASCII Department

+41 31 684 62 06
philippe.zimmermann (at)