The IML UX Team supports the «Navina+» project with a User-Centred-Design approach and UX Design in the development of a state-of-the-art mobile app.

The Navina+ project will provide personalized real-time predictions for menopausal woman of susceptibility to respiratory infections and early (prior to symptom onset) detection of such infections, using the combined information from vital signs and information collected via mobile phone, a wearable biosensor, questionnaires, and lab tests (hormone and micronutrient status, virome, microbiome and immune status). The Navina+ App will be a tangible preparedness tool for menopausal women, clinicians, healthcare systems, and a capacity management tool for health insurers. 


Usability and User Experience are important factors regarding the acceptance of a system or application, especially if it is to be optimized for certain target groups. Especially for e-health applications, it is also important that the users trust the system with their data and are willing to share very personal information. The team at ARTORG will be supported by Usability experts from the Institute for Medical Education at the University of Bern to ensure that the use of the App is as effective, efficient and satisfactory as possible (usability definition according to ISO 9241-11) and provides an optimal UX for the targeted user groups.

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Dr. Usha Sarma, Team Artorg
Dr. Serena Fiacco, Team Artorg

Team IML

Philippe Zimmermann, Stephan Schallenberger, Sissel Guttormsen

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Running time: since 2022 

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