Nowadays, the majority of primary care professionals are not  prepared to deal with issues related to precision medicine. 

Frontliners is a training program that offers basic and advanced training opportunities to primary care professionals (PCPs) including physicians, pharmacists and nurses to support them in delivering high-value information, advice and care in precision medicine (PM) to their patients. 


  • Offer an online platform with practical ready to use content 
  • Provide onsite learning and networking opportunities
  • Present quality resources and information on PM
  • Bringing together the best experts as teachers and mentors

Project team

Prof. Dr. med. Idris Guessos, Geneva University Hospitals, UNIGE (Project head)
Prof. Dr. med. Jacques Cornuz, Unisanté/UNIL (Co-Applicant)
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Gérard Waeber, CHUV/UNIL (Co-Applicant)
Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen, IML, medical faculty, University of Bern (Co-Applicant)


Team IML

Sharon Mitchell, Sissel Guttormsen, Felix Schmitz, Daniela Schmid, Philippe Zimmermann

Recent publication

Mitchell, S., Jaccard, E., Cardineaux, R., Collombet, P., Cornuz, J., Waeber, G., Guessous, I., Guttormsen, S. (2020), Implementing an Online Training Programme in Precision Medicine for Primary Care Professionals: a Multi-Method Approach. Short paper in the Proceedings of 17th IADIS international conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA), 18. – 20.11.2020, Lisbon, Portugal.

Mitchel, S., Evrim , J., Schmitz, F. M., Von Kanel, E., Collombet, P., Cornuz, J., Weber, G., Guessous, I., Guttormsen, S. (2022). Investigating acceptability of a training programme in Precision Medicine for frontline healthcare professionals: A mixed Method study. BMC Medical Education (2022, 22:556).


Project information

Running time: since 2019

Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen Schär Director IML

+41 31 684 62 01
sissel.guttormsen (at)